This is the website of the Prometeo group Astroparticle and neutrino physics: from Cosmology to the LHC (AstroParNu), funded by Generalitat Valenciana.

The LHC has discovered the final missing particle of the Standard Model: the Higgs boson. However, it is well known that the Standard Model can not be the final theory in particle physics. The two main phenomenological facts that demonstrate that physics beyond the Standard Model must exist are neutrino masses and dark matter. The historic discovery of neutrino flavour oscillations has paved the way for the next step in particle physics, opening avenues for potential breakthroughs into the fundamental understanding of matter, in particular the origin of mass, unification or the understanding of families. It is even possible that the mechanism of neutrino mass generation is linked to the other big open question in today’s astroparticle physics: the nature of the elusive dark matter.